Is it “okay” to have TWO internet security programs working on my computer?

Because I currently have Norton and I just recently re-dowoaded Java. With the Java download it came with McAfee Security thing.And I am not sure if the wil counter act each other? Or will it make my computer extra safe?

If not I am going to uninstall the Mcafee .

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  1. Ryan says:

    Nah it isnt worth it. Problems may arise.. I don’t use a virus protection, i find them useless. =)

  2. Large Lamp says:

    Uninstall Mcafee. Problems will happen sometime if you don’t ,because they will counter act each other.. plus, Norton and Mcafee together will really slow your system down.

  3. danilo t says:

    rNO. rule of thumb> only 1 Antivirus and 1 Firewall.
    you can have numerous antispywares though.
    decide which Av you’d want to keep
    it shd be the one which does not slow down your pc and could keep your system safe. Test your security sustem with an EICAR and SPYCAR tests they are safe to run

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