Is it safe to put your social security number on computer?

Game sites ask for your social security number if you win . Is it safe to put that on your computer? Is there a way to protect it? thanks ge

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  1. digital_nomad says:

    dont do that – why would they need your social security number?!
    Its likely a phishing attack, if you gave them your full name, dob and address, and soc you just gave them your identity

  2. Moolah. says:

    Well gaming sites should have some terms and stuff, read over those carefully. If it says they aren’t responsible for anything or anything along those lines, I wouldn’t go for it. Identity theft is a growing problem today and can be avoided by just going to a casino instead of gaming websites. They can be dangerous and life changing, so use at own risk.

    Happy Gaming!

  3. Rudy says:

    So you play a online game for 10 minutes and end up with the highest score ever and win $1,000.00 just provide your name, address, and SSN.

    Just which part of that DOES NOT appear to be a scam to you?

    DO NOT give out you SSN# to anyone.

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