is Norton Security Scan a legitimate computer scanning software?

This Norton Security Scan thing popped up on my computer. I didn’t install it or anything. Is it a legitimate scanning software to detect viruses and stuff or is it malware in itself? Thanks to anyone who can help

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  1. Banokles says:

    It is legitimate but it’s god damn annoying isn’t it.

    Got so fed up with it i removed it myself.

  2. Short_R_D says:

    I had it install with another program I installed. I believe it to be a sales gimmick. It does locate viruses and malware but to remove it you have to buy an upgrade. I uninstalled mine as I have another program running on my computer.

  3. silversonant says:

    If the software is “branded” (that means it mentions a brand by name such as Trend Micro, ESET, Microsoft, Norton) then it is likely legitimate.

    Keep in mind that you should NEVER install anti-virus or malware protection software from a web browser popup that tries to mimic the motif of your computer desktop (Windows XP, Vista, and in some cases Mac OSX!) – in many cases this software will contain no branding and will be named something generic like “Personal AntiVirus”

    Following in the source is a huge list of several known rogue anti-malware products and some information about them.

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