Is the future good for computer security experts?

I’m 20 years old and I know how to program using java and c++. I’m thinking of studying computer science in university next year, But are the future jobs good for this profession? I was thinking of a masters in computer security.

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  1. Laissez-Faire Guy says:

    I think so. The world is only moving towards more and more dependence on computers and networks. And hackers and criminals are always trying to figure out new ways of ripping us off. There’s got to be someone there to protect companies and people from these threats. Why not you?

  2. SweetCaramel says:

    Your on the right track. With the world changing and technology growing at such a fast pace. Technolgy will not be going anywhere for a long time. Programming is definitly the way to go and remain unless you are just tired and financilly not compensated. Reason: You will always need programmers for every new application, hardware support, program and even home grown applications. Also, Computer Security (working in my field for several high end security companies and government agencies) you will need this experience. Try to focus on employement that offers security clearnences Secret, TS etc.

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