Is there a computer security program that does not take up a lot of resources? I just installed MacAfee ?

and my computer runs agonizingly slowly because 1/2 of all resources are used by MacAfee. Thanks.

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  1. Snarling C says:

    Uhm. . .MacAfee is doing its job. Basically, think of a security program as being like the TSA at the airport.

    Without the TSA we could all walk easily in and out of the terminal, get on the plane and it wouldn’t take any time at all. But no. We all have to get in line and wait. And then we have to have someone check our driver’s license and ticket and make sure both are real. Andh then we have to wait some more and then we have to take our shoes off and take our laptops out of our bags and wait for some one who doesn’t fly to complain and not do everything right and then wait for the woman with the whiney kids and. . .you get the point.

    Of course MacAfee is going to slow your system down. You can be faster and not secure or secure and slower. That’s just life.

  2. ♥Love, Allie♥ says:

    McAffee is a rip off. I paid for that crap and got a virus anyway. It cost me $45 for a pin number to a long distance number where I spoke briefly with Abdul in India. After asking to speak to someone whose first language is English, I was transferred (still long distance) to Ramone. Ramone could not remove my virus and suggested I speak with their specialist at another long distance number for which I had to pay another $45 for another pin. This too failed so I downloaded AVG for free. The virus was immediately removed from my computer. I sent a strongly worded email to McAffee and received a credit from them on my card 2 weeks later. I still use AVG and have not had a virus since. Just sayin…

  3. Pocket Protectorate says:

    Memory is cheap now days, and easier to install that you might imagine…

    Get 2 Gigs…(I’m lame with computer electronics, but I figured out how to do it myself, and it was easy…)

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