Is there any internet security software like Norton free for download?

I have Norton internet security but it will expire soon. I was wondering if there were any programs out there for free. There probably isn’t but I just thought I’d ask. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Daniel A says:

    Yea there is a bunch of free programs that can be a quite effective defense.
    Free antiviruses
    Important:You may only have one antivirus and one firewall

    Avira Antivir Free or Avast! Home Edition
    Avira has a easier to use interface and a slightly higher detection rate
    Avast! has boot time scanning(cool) and email scanning. Also has antispyware protection
    I would avoid AVG free
    Reason: It has a lower detection rate, less features and has no antirootkit

    Free AntiSpywares
    You can have more than one antispyware
    Malwarebytes AntiMalware

    Some extra stuff you should do
    Get a free firewall
    You may only have one firewall
    Comodo Firewall Pro
    Zonealarm Free Firewall

    Switch to Firefox from IE
    Use the MyWot program

  2. Jimmy says:

    Do not use AVG, their free version of software is ineffective. Go to and download the free version of ant-virus however, remember, you are “not” going to get a very effective anti-virus software for free from any website, A business is in business to make money not lose it. There are only two anti-virus software compatible with the windows software, with signed drivers by Microsoft, one is norton the other is mcafee. Non signed software will breach your internet security, without a doubt, Don’t be surprised if you start missing system files after using other anti-virus programs.

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