is there any other way to get around school computer security?

my school has this stupid thing and almost every proxy doesnt work on our school computer except for one but i dont want to use it cuz they spy on our stuff and stuff like that and u get OSS for using a proxy site. anyone know any good command prompt things or any other ways to get around it other then using proxy’s so if they catch me i can pull out the hand book and say… U ONLY SAID NO PROXY’S

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  1. Theo says:

    The only other things that you can use are programs that can be put on usb sticks, but they are detected quite easily by computers.

  2. pete h says:

    I hope you know that arguing semantics against school authority does not work as well as you see it work in a courtroom on Boston Legal….

    You will get OSS (whatever that is) for subverting security measures, and no, sueing the school won’t work…

    But since you asked..

    There is pretty much no way around the stuff outside of a proxy.

  3. sticksnslats91 says:

    teachers have full access so what me and my friends do is get one of our teachers logon and pw and we use that. If you’re really cool with ur teacher its easier but we got our vp’s login and she still doesnt know. so everyone who has it has full acess to any site.

  4. Bill M says:

    Circumventing Internet access control systems with web proxies to access unauthorized web sites is a violation of school computer usage policy. You will get suspended and/or banned from using school computers when you get caught. Use school computers for school work, and myspace can wait until you get home. Do you really want your teachers and school administrators knowing what you are posting on myspace anyways?

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