Is there anything better than Kaspersky Internet Security 7?

…for protecting your PC from ALL internet threats?

Do you think it’s the best security program overall?

What are its weak spots and what additional security programs would you recommend to get to address these weaknesses?

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  1. maddy says:

    Use NOD32. Kaspersky is good, but it slows down computer and tends to point out at innocent programs as viruses. NOD32 is fast, does not consume RAM, very fast updates-300KB/day and reliable.

  2. zahrin_surie says:


    combination of spybot,nod32,ad-aware 2007,a-squared free,n avg is perfect for pc protection.for firewall try comodo firewall.

    u can download all these from for free.there are also many other good antivirus is a cool site and safe for downloading software

  3. golluble says:

    1) No.
    2) Yes!
    3) The odd false negative.
    4) It’s a suite. One product to install and it updates itself. Set and forget.
    5) We’re now seeing limited edition viruses. Tailored to order and targeting individuals. The run of the mill AV’s don’t detect them. Kaz is onto it and hence the odd false negative.
    Additional benefit – it’s fast

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