Is there such thing as having to much security on your computer ?

I have AVG Internet security, i also have Spybot, I have Ad aware profesional, Malawarebytes, tune up utilities 2009.

Is there such thing as having too much security that your computer might be actually more vonerable to threats ?? what i have notices myself is that my system does run a little slow could this be because of too much security ??? also what is a good combination of security programs that won´t slow your system too much.

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  1. PhileoTruth says:

    YES!! When your anti-malware software all runs at the same time, it will slow your computer down to where you can not use it. I have experienced it knocking out my printer and peripherals. Have sufficient security but do not over do it.

  2. Vostok Rising says:

    Security comes at the cost of convenience. You can’t really have too much if you don’t mind your system running like crap.

  3. Adam says:

    Too much security wont make your system more vulnerable, it will make it less vulnerable. The only problem you run into with too much security is the reduction in performance of your system. Having a bunch of security software running all the time can compete with other operations and bog your system down. Too much security is when you can no longer comfortably and easily use your system, and at this point it is not worth the added security.

  4. detective obvious says:

    they are meant for you to have only one or two. so pick out the ones that don’t do that much.

  5. BH's brother says:

    If you have all of these utilities actually running at the same time, yes, you have too much going on, and that will slow down the performance of your computer. You only need to have one Anti Virus application running, and all other utilities can be run separately as necessary. It is not necessary to run all of them at once. A good anti virus app should protect you from actual viruses and Malwarebytes should be run daily or even weekly to catch other things.

  6. Emin says:

    If you ask me, I’d say yes, they do slow down your computer. All anti viruses do is slow down your computer. They won’t come handy unless you insert some external drive. What I do is I remove the viruses manually. Google is your friend, search for your error or problem and you’ll get the solution. If you still prefer avs, I’d say Eset’s NOD32, I’ve been using it for quite a long time now and it works perfectly, without slowing down your system (Except the startup). If you don’t feel like wasting money, just torrent or direct download one.

  7. Alice H says:

    If you run more than one anti-virus at a time, the anti-viruses actually attack eachother, and neither of them work, just to say, although you do only seem to be running one. Yes, your system could be running slowly due to too much security, especially if they all run in the background to protect you as your use your PC.
    I would recommend AVG anti-virus, Ad-Aware for ridding yourself of mal-ware and spyware and CCleaner for cleaning up your temp files which could be dangerous and/or just filling up space.
    If you are willing to cough up, you can get a 30 day trial of “Eset nod32” (instead of AVG) on their website which i think is the best anti-virus, but of course the trial runs out.

  8. Angry Penguin Rocker says:

    Yes there is. Just buy one of those commercial packages and you already have too much security. They slow your computer to a crawl and are totally unnecessary.

    But seriously I’d have one anti virus program running in the background. And one anti-malware program (More than one can cause conflicts anyway).

    I use AVG and Ad-Aware personally. But there’s lotsa other good ones.

    And a firewall, Windows firewall is sufficient IMHO. It’s all I use. It seems to block outgoing and incoming these days.

    Maybe one extra of each as a backup if you really want to because sometimes one doesn’t catch everything. But don’t run them at the same time, in the background or otherwise. That’s overkill and will slow your ‘puter too much.

    I notice you have three anti-malware programs. I wouldn’t be running three anti-malware programs in the background at once. That’s sure to clog up your computer.

    Too much security wont make you more vulnerable. (Although it might cause your anti virus programs to complain if there is more than one running at once). But it will slow your computer to a crawl and make it too annoying to use.

  9. Sly_Old_Mole says:

    AVG – a poor AV which is well known for slowing down PC,s – If you replace this with a lighter AV this will help your PC go faster.

    Antispyware programs – both spybot & Adaware Professional have real time protection, I would turn the real time protection off on one of these programs.

    Malawarebytes ? – I think you mean malwarebytes, is it free Malawarebytes or have you paid for it ? free malwarebytes has no real time protection, paid for malwarebytes has real time protection.

    In short your using a heavy AV & you need to re-look at your real time protection (to much real time protection is bad).

    Do I think you have to much security – NO.

    what is a good combination of security programs that won´t slow your system too much.

    AV – Nod32 (its light, fast & high detection rate)(not free)

    Antispyware programs:

    free superantispyware (no real time protection)
    free Malwarebytes (no real time protection)


    windows firewall or free online armour

    To keep the PC clean:

    free ccleaner.


    recommend you join a good forum like

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