Is this a good deal from McAfee for computer security?

£45 one year
£85 2 years
£125 3 years

I have a new computer and I have never done this kind of thing before, I am quite suspicious of ‘great savings!’

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  1. Prophet 1102 says:

    McAfee is a good product – but you don’t necessarilly need the whole Suite they’re trying to sell. What are they offering just the Firewall/VirusScan option for?

    I the US – it’s only $39.

  2. Samuel Adams says:

    I would advise against purchasing McAfee (it’s nearly as bad as Norton). There are better alternatives available (also cheaper–even free). Kaspersky or NOD32 are the best (recent tests at If you want a free anti-virus I recommend in order of popularity, but please choose the right one for you (install only one):

    1. AVG Free
    a. A simple interface (easier to use than Avast! and Avira)
    b. Can detect about 82.82% of viruses
    Cons: low virus detection

    2. Avast!
    a. Real-time protection
    b. It has an option to delete a virus once found
    c. Can detect about 87.46% of viruses.
    Cons: Too many icons and confusing user interface

    3. Avira AntiVir
    a. It can detect malware better than Avast and AVG
    b. It’s cute umbrella icon
    c. Can detect about 94.26% of viruses
    Cons: A very sluggish update

  3. redriverfollow says:

    AVG Home edition is free and a better program as far as I am concerned.
    I don’t like McAfee or Norton.

  4. Jon S says:

    McAfee sucks, its not really that good and is a real resource hog. It will slow down your computer. Use the free antivirus program avast or AVG…

  5. Jed says:

    You can just download free version of AVG Anti-virus… It’s free and it’s legal! It is updated too… Good luck! God Bless!

  6. shadowsthathunt says:

    Ok, I have the full suite because I am takeing online coarses, and it is a great product. I dont know the exchange rate of the cash, but in the US the full suite is around $60 or if you are going to just use it for general support, you can get a lower version in the US for about $39 if you know the exchange rate it may help you.

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