Is this combination of security programs for my computer good?

I have downloaded Norton Anti Virus 2003, Zonealarm and Ad-aware all onto my computer. Is this a good combination to have to keep my computer safe? Are there other programs that I should install as well? Have I installed too many programs? Answer would be appreciated!

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  1. emanon says:

    I would say you are alright.. As long as you stay away from downloading programs from limewire, torrents and such.. And being careful when opening e-mails that have attachments.. And installing questionable programs.. You are good to go.

  2. Jason says:

    u’l only get problms whn u have to difrnt anti viures softwares.. as u say u have only 1anti-virus software and others are anti-spyware softwares. if u have enf speed and ram on ur computer then no prob.. i use norton and spywaredoctor thes to software can almost protect u from any virus or spyware attck

  3. Sejanamane T says:

    Well i think you need an anti virus program not a zone alarm then you’ll be safe, but make sure you scan your PC weekly with A-Aware because spyware does not remove itself unless you scan your PC.

  4. David says:

    For me,no because you use norton 2003 where a lot of bug and maybe will lead to pc years by years has been struggle to lower it AV memory requirement.
    and with the addition of norton 2008, many bug and security holes has been fixed.also a lot of patch for keygen.
    norton 2003 is not the latest up to date software.even if you use the latest virus signature,you will not get the full performance by this giant antivirus.
    you should download the latest or at least Norton 2006 to maintain your security.
    don’t save much when it comes for your system security.
    nowadays virus will not pity to you. when they infect your pc, all your files are LOST…………………(some of them,not all)
    or you can install avast or’s free.
    as you had install ad-aware, you should install spybot s&d and use both of the software.
    update your software regularly and keep safe from virus.

  5. Toshan says:

    Use utorrent for torrent
    Use AVG for antivirus
    Use superconverter as converter
    Use Nero as Burner
    Use vista transformation pack as theme
    Use flashget as download manager
    Use mozilla as web browser

  6. Undertaker_COTN says:

    Norton 2003 is too old and ad aware is not good either. Zonealarm is a good firewall. However, Why use multiple programs when you have the best out there doing it all for you on 1 program…
    Webroot AntiVirus With AntiSpyware & Firewall, formally known as Webroot’s Spysweeper with AntiVirus is the way to go.
    The best software you should get is Webroot AntiVirus With AntiSpyware & Firewall, this software is too good and gets better everyday. This is ELITE software. It blocks over 455,000 definition threats, which contain multiple fringerprints with each(you can do the math). No other software can compete with that or come close for that matter. It catches everything: viruses, spyware, adware, malware, root kits, keyloggers, trojans, worms, and anything else. It also has active shields and a Firewall that learns from your useage. I’ve used them all and it is 2nd to none.
    Don’t waste your time with AVG, true sword, spybot, ad aware, CA, spyhunter, mcafee, superantispyware, avast, panda, kaspersky, spyware blaster, spyware guard, windows defender or anything of the sort. Stay away from anything that is FREE when it comes to spyware and antivirus. There is a reason why they are free. They are NOT good. I even guaranDAMNtee my answers and will help through IM if needed.

  7. John D says:

    not getting viruses is easy all you have to do is have common sense just follow these simple rules:

    – never click on anything thats says that you have won something

    – don’t download programs from limewire or the sort

    – scan all the files you download

    – if you are not expecting attachments in emails or you dont know who sent the email dont open it.

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