Is world peace possible? | By M Wajahat Sultan

Is world peace possible?

The eternal peace of the World in the 21st Century could be possible due to fading war-mongering ideologies and the introduction of Cyber-Warfare technology which had changed the paradigm of military wars and now the world is more conscious to wage a war.

Concept of violence, wars, and crimes are not inherited in human nature but are executed due to other goals.

Domination, Sadism, and Ideology in history played a role to perpetuate wars and violence in the world.

World peace is possible if humans understand the moral sense and reason over sadism and ideology.

Philosopher Peter Singer in his book “The Expanding Circle” argues that a sense of empathy and an ability to rationalize the dependence on one’s own life through others have extended in the last centuries which caused the decline in violence and wars.

The rising value of human life and circle of empathetic instincts can control the impetus of war in the 21st Century.

The computational theory of mind in the arena of neurological evolution also asserts that the perception of human beings about war and violence has shifted in the last 200 years which is a clear manifestation that war is not more a profitable agency for humans to rationalize their interests.

The reasons for war have changed from rivalry to competition.The neoliberal economy has created a sense of competition and cooperation to advance the global society in the era of Globalization.

The connected ambitions and interdependence establish the reasons to ensure peace and abolish the grounds for envy.

Russia has invaded Ukraine with hegemonic motives. USA and EU refused to send their troops directly into the Ukrainian favor which is obvious that the inevitability of War among Great Powers or War among multiple states has reduced.

Now the war is equal to organized crime. The traditional concept of War has declined and the eventual process of peace for global progress is paved in the 21st Century.

The irenic forces like enlightened progressive values of liberty and life are more revered than the conflicts and clashes.

Democracy established peace because the democratic leaders don’t make moves because of their “malignant narcissism” and the…