It’s ‘It,’ as in the movie, not IT, as in ‘eye-tee’

I have read a dozen or more Stephen King books over the years, but ‘It’ – the one upon which an upcoming movie is based and named — is not among them. So I could relate right away to this observation posted to the section of Reddit devoted to sysadmins:

“I keep seeing posts and advertisements for the movie IT. Every time, I think of it as I-T and have to reread it. … Is it just me?”

No, it’s not just you. And, speaking at least for myself, this isn’t the first time I’ve been momentarily confused by an uppercase IT. My mind reads that as “an acronym for information technology,” not “the creepy clown from a Stephen King novel,” or any other meaning more commonly attached to the word it.

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Network World Paul McNamara