Jamf Continues its Investment in its Enterprise Security

MINNEAPOLIS, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF), the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, recently announced a series of new security capabilities to help organizations secure company data and stay compliant with company policies, while empowering their employees to seamlessly access what they need to be their best.

Giving End Users Easy but Secure Access to Workplace Tools
Stolen or compromised passwords are a security threat now more than ever. IT admins try to combat this threat with password policies, but strong passwords can be difficult for users to remember, and passwords are often reused for multiple resources, increasing vulnerability. 

Jamf has expanded on the value of secure access to resources by introducing an iPhone application called Jamf Unlock. Jamf Unlock allows a user to passwordlessly authenticate and access their Mac, using Face ID biometrics on the device they always have with them – their iPhone.

Building its Endpoint Security Platform, Bolstered by its Threat Detection Team Research
As the demand for Apple continues to increase in the market, these devices become a bigger target for malware authors and malicious actors. Jamf introduced Jamf Protect in late 2019 and it has become a market-leading Apple-specific security solution. Since launch, Jamf Protect has added extensive anti-virus capabilities, expanded threat prevention capabilities, introduced features to selectively collect device logs for a distributed Mac fleet, added integrations into Microsoft Azure Sentinel and AWS S3, and rounded out common administrative capabilities with role-based access control.

Jamf’s platform is backed by its Threat Detection team’s diligent research. As the team discovers threats, they can feed this intelligence into Jamf’s solutions. In the last two months, the team discovered and analyzed two major vulnerabilities in macOS, now patched by Apple, that were actively being exploited by Shlayer and XCSSET. Both vulnerabilities bypassed built-in macOS security and privacy features, resulting in unverified trust to execute and access user screens, respectively. Jamf’s Threat Detections team continues to monitor for future…