John Bolton to Trump: ‘For God’s sakes, get out of the way’

  • Former national security adviser John Bolton told President Donald Trump to “get out of the way” and said he was “not a conservative.”
  • Bolton’s comments come as Trump vetoed the annual bill to fund the US military.
  • The must-pass bill was passed with bipartisan support.
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Former national security adviser John Bolton described President Donald Trump’s veto against the annual bill to fund the US military as “very destructive” and against the ideals of his own political party.

In a CNN interview on Wednesday, Bolton said he agreed with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in that Trump’s veto against the bipartisan bill was antithetical to the Republican party.

“Just to make a philosophical point, I think this is a very compelling piece of evidence why Donald Trump is not a conservative,” Bolton said. “Nobody in the House or Senate, Republican or Democrat, likes every provision of this bill. But for 59 straight years, our parties have compromised their differences to give clear policy direction on defense for the full year.”

“What Trump’s veto does here, potentially, is put that in jeopardy at a time when we’re suffering from one of the worst computer attacks in our history, when we see threats all around the world continuing to grow from China and elsewhere,” Bolton added.

Trump on Wednesday vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which would allocate $741 billion for US national security. The bill passed through both chambers of Congress with wide support from Republicans and Democrats.

The Democratic-controlled House supported the bill in a 335-78 vote, which exceeds the two-thirds majority needed to slap down Trump’s veto. The Republican-majority Senate also reaffirmed the defense bill in a 84-13 vote.

Wright-Patterson Air Force deployment

US service members at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, March 5, 2019.

US Air Force/Ty Greenlees

Aside from continued funding of the US military, the bill includes substantive changes to overseas troop deployments and a 3% pay raise for service members.

Trump previously threatened to veto the bill for including…