Just like Actuator, only on a Wednesday – TechCrunch

Yep, Actuator is coming to you a day early — mostly because it felt a bit weird to drop the robotics newsletter right in the middle of the robotics conference. Good news for everyone who’s sick of me telling you to SIGN UP FOR FREE RIGHT HERE: This is the last you’ll be hearing that from me for a while. Of course, next week’s edition is going to be filled with some of the event’s highlights, but at least it’s not a sales pitch, right?

Oh, and speaking of pitches (I know, I know), we just announced the four early stage firms that are participating in our Robotics Pitch-Off. Congrats to:

  • Endiatx – “Robot pills for hardcore telemedicine, initially for upper endoscopies.”
  • Gather AI –  “The world’s first autonomous inventory monitoring platform for the supply chain using off-the-shelf drones.”
  • Touchlab – A compliant “e-skin” sensor technology to give machines a sense of touch. Our latest e-skin, Triaxial, senses normal and shear forces, enabling novel functionalities such as slip detection (with autonomous compensation) and even object identification through touch alone.”
  • Mobilio“A single sensor package that enables safe movement for 400M users of canes, walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. The device senses the user’s environment to avoid hazards and the user’s movements to ensure proper device use.”

Congrats to all. We had a ton of submissions this year and our illustrious judges were impressed with everyone who made it into the pitch-off. Keep an eye on all of these startups.

We’ve been going hard on promotion in the lead-up to tomorrow’s big event. Over the past two weeks, I’ve recorded a special edisode of Equity with Alex about the overall state of the industry, we’ve done a pair of TechCrunch Lives with Rapid Robotics and Attabotics (plus investors Bee Partners and Forerunner Ventures) and I hosted two Twitter Spaces with Ayanna Howard/Ayah Bdeir and Colin Angle.

Those last few are going to be available soon as TechCrunch Live podcasts, but in the meantime, I’m going to be turning over the intro to this newsletter to some of the more interesting insights from the pair of Twitter Spaces, then on to what’s…