Just looking for others opinion..

Hello, I am new to the forum so if I make any mistake I apologize ahead of time.  I just wanted to run my setup by you nice folks and see what you think.  Is it good enough or am I missing something important.  


Ok so I am using a laptop and I generally like to just do normal browsing of the internet maybe grab some torrents once and awhile.  I do however from time to time like to go roam around the Dark net and read what the scammers are up to and see what markets are up and running.  So nothing to crazy.


For my day to day clear net stuff i use windows defender while running a VPN going to a sandboxed version of Brave browser with SHADE.  When I do my Dark net(Tor) browsing I use virtual box and spin up a box running Kodachi Linux (live).  


I know I could get really detailed and be much more secure but I am building up to that.  For now I am just looking for your opinions and thoughts or what I am doing good or bad or perhaps should change.  Would love to hear your thoughts.  


Thanks  :)

– N00bSEC