Just Waste Ransomware Gangs’ Time

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Time Is Money for Criminals; Some Profits Susceptible to DDoS and Other Disruptions

October 26, 2021    

Forget Hacking Back: Just Waste Ransomware Gangs' Time
Members of a top Russian cybercrime forum discuss the recent LockBit 2.0 disruption (Source: IntSights; partially redacted)

You know the people who will chat away endlessly to an obvious telephone scammer, trying to spin things out to the point where they’ve demonstrably wasted the fraudster’s time, thus denting their illicit earnings?

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Imagine taking that disruption model and tasking military hacking teams to do the same – only to ransomware gangs, cybercrime markets and other criminals operating online.

“Is there a law, even an American one, even a local one in any county of any of the 50 states, that legitimize such indiscriminate offensive action?” 

After months of discussion over how governments should respond, might this be a…