Keep data safe, secure against malware attacks with the HP ProBook 455 G8

Malware is a sneaky cybersecurity threat everyone with a PC should watch out for. Like a thief in the night, cybercriminals are lurking everywhere, waiting for someone to fall prey to their stealthy tactics. Knowing the initial signs of malware can prevent an attack, but having a safe, reliable, and secure laptop like the HP ProBook 455 G8 can add strong security padding and protection against these threats.

HP ProBook 455 G8

Keep confidential files and data protected against malware attacks with the powerful and reliable security features of the HP ProBook 455 G8 packed with security features.

Here are the initial signs of a laptop infected with malware.

  • Popup ads. Malicious websites with encrypted codes often hide in the guise of advertisements. Seeing more of them than usual? Be careful. That could be a telltale sign.
  • Mysterious posts on social media. Social networking sites are not that safe from malware. Cyber criminals use fake posts with an attention-grabbing statement, like “Whoa! What happened to you here?” to lure victims. Clicking the malicious link gives the opportunity for cyber criminals to attack.
  • Disabled system tools. Hackers often stealthily maneuver their way into a user’s settings to disable system tools. Any surprising prompt that indicates the Administrator has turned off other system tools tells of the possible presence of malware.
  • Everything seems perfectly normal. This is the scary part — how everything seems to be OK. Cyber attackers try their best to hide all malicious activity to the unsuspecting eyes of a user. In some cases, a Remote Access Trojan is already in the system, gathering valuable files and data.

Knowing the signs of malware in a PC is good, but preventing even the slightest sign of malware is even better. Do it with a powerful PC, like the HP ProBook 455 G8.

Protect personal files and confidential data with the help of the ProBook’s commercial-grade features, like the HP BIOSphere, which is an ecosystem of security, like automated protections and customizable safeguards to defend a PC against attacks.

The laptop also boasts of the HP Sure Click that traps malware found in websites and read-only Microsoft Office and PDF files and keeps them in…