Keys to securing your computer network and insurance data

Always a pressing challenge, the security of your insurance business’ computer network is facing an even greater threat given the stubborn persistence of the coronavirus, according to security pros.

The reason:  Hackers sending emails with malicious links are preying on your workers’ coronavirus fears by sending them official-looking emails that pretend to feature new business policies on the coronavirus.

Plus, hackers are also spoofing your workers by emailing them fake COVID-19 announcements from government agencies as well as fake updates on free government financial support during the pandemic.

Inside all those emails:  Innocuous-looking malicious links that once clicked on will auto-download and activate ransomware and other malware on your insurance business’ computer system.

This onslaught of hacking has become so pitched, it triggered an executive order from U.S. President Joe Biden to all U.S. businesses:  Get serious about ransomware protection.

Says Biden:  The order “calls for federal agencies to work more closely with the private sector to share information, strengthen cybersecurity practices, and deploy technologies that increase reliance against cyberattacks. It outlines innovative ways the government will drive to deliver security and software using federal buying power to jumpstart the market and improve the products that all Americans use.”

The upshot:  Insurance companies and brokers need to be knowledgeable about the new surge in computer network security threats and take the necessary steps to protect their systems and data.

To that end, here are the key moves cybersecurity experts say you need to ensure your insurance company’s computer network is protected from the coming storm:

*Secure employees’ remote computers:  With so many more employees working from home these days, your insurance company’s IT department needs to take special care to safeguard the network connections they’re making between home and work.

A good place to start is to require employees to log into your company computer network via a Virtual Private Network VPN, according to the Kaspersky report, “How Covid-19 Changed the Way People Work”.

Essentially, a…