Kumaraswamy ‘not bothered’ about malware leaking personal info

Former Karnataka Chief Minister, HD Kumaraswamy on Tuesday said that he was not bothered by reports stating that the number of his personal secretary was a part of the leaked database that have been potential targets of surveillance by the Pegasus spyware. 

The remark made by the former chief minister came after reports broke out that key political leaders in Karnataka, including the then deputy chief minister G Parameshwara and the personal secretaries of then chief minister H D Kumaraswamy and former chief minister Siddaramaiah, may have been possible targets of surveillance by the Pegasus spyware in the run-up to the collapse of the Congress-JD(S) alliance government in 2019.

‘This is nothing new and it doesn’t bother me’

The leader said that he has never done anything wrong while also alleging that such surveillance mechanisms are nothing new and have been deployed for 15-20 years now. The leader said, “This is nothing new and it doesn’t bother me. I have not done anything wrong which can be detrimental to the security of the country or my state.”

The senior leader added that several governments and also Income Tax departments have tapped phones in the past as well. “This is not restricted to the Modi government — these things have been done for 15-20 years now. We don’t need to take this seriously at all,” he said.

Former Deputy Chief Minister slams BJP

Reacting to the report, former deputy chief minister G Parameshwara alleged that BJP can do ‘anything’, including partnering with foreign powers, to gain power and secular governments. Taking to Twitter, Parameshwara said, “Every time we believe the BJP-led union government cannot go any lower, fresh proof arrives to show they can & will stoop to the lowest. #PegasusSnoopgate shows that BJP will do everything, including partnering with foreign powers, to gain power & topple secular governments.”