Leaving Bluetooth ‘On’ 24/7 On Android Devices Is A Security Risk

We all know that modern gadgets, including tablets, laptops, and speakers now come with Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth is actually a common wireless communication protocol used to connect two devices together over short distances. They can be two smartphones, earbuds and a smartphone, and vice versa. The Bluetooth technology is quite fast and convenient. Moreover, its modern version is quite reliable, which is why so many devices use it to communicate with each other. The fact is that most Android smartphone owners keep it turned on at all times. No one should do that because leaving Bluetooth enabled on your Android devices may present a security risk.

Here Is Why You Should Turn Bluetooth ‘Off’ on Your Android Devices?

Leaving Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone potentially opens up your device to install malware that turns it into a surveillance device. The Bluetooth technology operates on having devices discover each other within close range. The Bluetooth-enabled gadget sends a signal that can be detected by other devices that are in its range. So, the major factor lies in its nature that discoverability leaves them vulnerable to a malicious attack if a hacker is in the area. Hackers can easily manage to connect to the device without the user’s permission or by sending a barrage of connection requests that leaves the phone temporarily unusable. It would be extreme to ditch your wireless devices so, you should turn off Bluetooth when it’s not in use.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has advised users to turn off Bluetooth when it’s not needed. You should take more care of it when you’re in public areas like airports, shopping centers, restaurants, or on public transportation. There is another way to eliminate the risk factor. You can make your device’s Bluetooth connection undiscoverable by default and only switch it on when you’re ready to pair it with another device. While doing so, only trusted devices that were previously paired will be able to connect to your device.

There are certain things you need to take care of. First of all, you should dismiss any Bluetooth connection requests that appear unexpectedly on your devices. In addition to…