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01 – 15 March 2022


New Subtel’s team. On March 11, the new Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Claudio Araya San Martín, took office, accompanied by his advisory and executive team. The cabinet team is composed of Manuel Luna (chief of staff) and advisors Adolfo Oliva and Felipe Pavez. The executive team is composed of Marco Silva Sandoval (head of the Legal Division), Virginia Reginato (head of the Regulatory Policy and Studies Division), Marcelo Rutte (head of the Telecommunications Development Fund (FDT) Management Division), Raúl Domínguez (head of the Fiscalization Division), Jacob Sandoval (head of the Administration and Finance Division) and Francisco Miranda (deputy head of the Concessions Division). Undersecretary Araya and his team will be responsible for completing the deployment of the 5G network and the National Optical Fiber project, implementing the state-owned telecommunications network company and the National Connectivity Registry. They will also be in charge of the modification of the General Telecommunications Law to transform the FDT into a demand subsidy mechanism and reviewing the concession allocation processes, among other initiatives included in the Government Plan.

Connectivity in border zones. On March 8, Subtel launched a public tender to subsidize the deployment of fiber optic cables in 17 border towns located in the central and northern areas of the country. Of these, 7 correspond to border crossings or complexes. The total amount of the subsidy for the winning companies is USD 15.000.000. This initiative complements the tender already awarded to Telefónica del Sur in August 2021, which is committed to deploy optical infrastructure in ten border towns located in the regions of Los Ríos, Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes. Details of the project can be found at the following link:

Initiatives with no new developments: (i) the bill that allows users to terminate…