Letter: The great pretenders – Opinion – Gaston Gazette

As I write this there is no president-elect. It doesn’t matter what The Associated Press says, or any other mainstream news broadcaster says.

For readers who don’t know, the press has no authority to call an election. Only each state’s election apparatus has that authority, and not one state so far has certified the election results.

Despite this, newspapers and television news shows are asserting that Joe Biden is the president-elect. And to make this theater even more bizarre, Joe Biden and his selected vice-president candidate, Kamala Harris, are pretending they have been elected.

Over the last several months we have witnessed Joe Biden behaving as though he has some mental impairment, probably dementia. I have to wonder who is convincing him that he has won this election when in fact, so far, he has not.

Does he really believe this? We know he is a plagiarist and spins tall tales about Corn Pop and such, so is this just another one of his fantasies?

Worse than that, who are those trying to fool the American people that the Biden/Harris ticket has been elected? There is an avalanche of disinformation distributed under the name of “news.” The credibility of mainstream media outlets is now at the bottom of the pits, it’s so bad.

This is not just sad, this is criminal.The FCC has rules against distorting the news, lying to the public. It’s against the law, especially if the distortion causes public harm.

When all of the Democrats are finally made aware that Biden/Harris have not been elected, what kind of reaction does anyone expect? Will there be public harm as the left has promised?

In a nutshell, there has been a three-pronged attack on our election. The first one I just described; disinformation.

The second one is the traditional method of election fraud that involves illegal ballot stuffing. Ballot stuffing this election is on steroids due to some 300 million unverifiable ballots mailed out by the DNC to anyone and everyone, including dead people and cats.

This particular election fraud also includes back-dating ballots, dumping thousands of ballots at 4 a.m., destroying ballots with the GOP choice indicated. There are now lawsuits in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania,…