Live from Long Island: Northport radio station rolls out round-the-clock coverage on cyber crime 

WCYB, an online radio station covering cybercriminals and digital defenders worldwide, debuted Thursday from Long Island.

The Northport station, a unit of 6-year-old Cybersecurity Ventures, is the first to offer round-the-clock coverage of online breaches 365 days a year, said founder Steven C. Morgan.

“There are dozens, if not hundreds, of cybersecurity podcasts,” he said. “But launching and operating a full-blown radio station is entirely different. It’s a heavy lift to get up and running and staff.”

The station, dubbed Cybercrime Radio, at, began webcasting at 11 a.m. Thursday.

The station’s first broadcast day included a recorded interview with Kevin Mitnick, whose exploits as a hacker were chronicled in books and movies.

Mitnick, now chief hacking officer at KnowBe4 Inc., a Clearwater, Florida, computer security company, eluded an FBI dragnet until his arrest and 1999 guilty plea on wire fraud and computer fraud charges.

In the interview, Mitnick described a hack as a 16-year-old, when he commandeered the drive-up communications system at a McDonald’s, lampooning customers and managers.

Paul Trapani, president of the Long Island Software & Technology Network (LISTnet), said threats posed by hackers are creating “a huge demand” for the kind of content offered by WCYB.

Cybersecurity is “starting to evolve as its own industry,” he said, with many companies adding the position of chief information security officer.

Morgan said that damages from cyberintrusions will cost $6 trillion…