Looking Back at the Galaxy S Series’ History of Innovation – Samsung Newsroom India


Since debuting in 2010, the Galaxy S series has brought users closer to the world around them, made their lives more convenient, and offered them unprecedented mobile experiences with one groundbreaking innovation after another.


Today, 11 years since its official launch, the series remains as innovative as ever. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and revisit each and every model in the Galaxy S series’ rich history.




The first Galaxy S device was announced in 2010 under the tagline “Super Smart.” The culmination of 20 years of hard work in the mobile industry, the Galaxy S introduced three S’s, as it were: ‘super’ applicability to users’ daily lives and needs, the then-latest version of a Super AMOLED display panel, and a 9.9mm-thin ‘super’ design.


The success of the Galaxy S paved the way for the release of the Galaxy S2 in 2011, which introduced improvements in build quality. The device, which is still regarded as a masterpiece, launched with an upgraded Super AMOLED Plus display as well as the then-most powerful smartphone processor on the market, the Exynos 4 Dual (4210). While the Galaxy S2’s 4.27-inch display was larger than the Galaxy S’s 4-inch panel, the device itself was thinner than its predecessor, measuring just 8.49mm thick. The smartphone’s camera also introduced a convenient flashlight function.




The gentle curves of the Galaxy S3’s pebble-inspired design broke the stereotype that smartphones were all sharp-edged. The device featured a 4.8-inch display and a 2,100mAh-capacity removable battery, and introduced a variety of convenient functions. These include Smart Stay, which uses the front camera to sense when you are looking at your device and prevents the screen from turning off; Direct Call, which allows you to call a contact immediately when you bring your phone to your ear; and Live Video List, which offers a thumbnail view of video clips in the video player.


Announced a year later, the Galaxy S4 featured a design that resembled a Galaxy S3 with thinner bezels. It took Samsung just 6 months to sell more than 40 million units of the newer model….