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Lou Fiorello on building security into the business value chain

Faced with aggressive digitisation, cybersecurity teams are undergoing extra pressure to ensure they can operate at a similar speed while scaling their capacities. With these goals in mind, security leaders have embarked on enterprise-wide collaboration initiatives that transform capabilities with new cybersecurity operating models, enable technology platforms that combine many innovations and ultimately deliver greater business value.

Therefore, it’s important to decode how organisations can build optimal security infrastructures and policies within their business value chains to keep themselves highly secure and combat the ever-evolving business risks of tomorrow. To help us understand its importance, we were joined by Lou Fiorello, VP & GM – Security Business Unit, ServiceNow as a keynote speaker at the SecOps Summit 2022, where he gave us industrial insights into the same. Lou has more than twenty years of experience in building security strategies for industries. Here’s what his keynote encapsulated:

Why security and business collaboration is imperative

Log4Shell has been the most recent example of critical vulnerability and ransomware has been on the rise ever since threat actors have started developing evolved attack-tech to partake in data breaches, information compromises, and organisational thefts. This year has also seen some major geopolitical events escalate due to the cyber warfare enabled through various intelligent threats used by cybercriminals to compromise national securities. A string of supply chain attacks is also a noticeable trend in the cyber attack spectrum this year. Across the types of cyber attacks and crime, the key point that security professionals must understand here is that barely detecting these threats is not enough.

The real challenge lies in responding to these threats in an enterprise-wide fashion. Security teams may know what to do with a novel threat, but face a major chunk of the barriers in executing across the broader enterprise. There are traditionally a lot of silos between security and IT as well, driving multitudes of inefficiencies. Breaking those silos will drive greater collaboration across the enterprise and will help to achieve…