Major Wireless Router Brands Ranked Worst To Best

TP-Link is a networking company, first and foremost. A glance at their website puts their routers, mesh Wi-Fi, and switches front and center, a focus that lands them at the top spot on our list. As with most companies, they have branched out into some smart home products, but the majority of their catalog remains in the networking category, and their wide array of options highlights that dedication to the router space.

TP-Link’s routers are greatly varied in their capabilities and design. Their gaming options, like the Archer AXE300, feature the high-performance specs PC gamers demand, such as dual 10 GB wired ports, Wi-Fi 6E, VPN client support, and ultra-high speeds. Their Deco line is a more cylindrical approach than comparable products from other brands, with a more stable base and a modern design that provides 3,300 square feet of mesh Wi-Fi coverage. They even offer a few Wi-Fi 7 options like the impressive Archer BE800, although the average user still has a while before that’s something to consider.

Overall, TP-Link’s routers are comparable to the best on the market but offered at a lower cost. Their Tether app is also lauded as a fantastic and easy-to-use setup assistant. The HomeShield security option is, like many of its competitors, another subscription-based suite of software, but a basic version of it is provided for free.