Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull announced as investors in US company providing police tech

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“If you can actually build a police incident reporting and record management system, and add it to a community model, that is actually going to really improve, I think, outcomes particularly in the field of family and domestic violence,” she said.

Mark43 bills itself as the leading provider of cloud-based records management systems, computer-aided dispatch of personnel, and data analytics platforms for public safety agencies.

Mr Turnbull said the value of integrating information held by government agencies – rather than officers “flying blind” – was highlighted for him during a visit to Tennant Creek when he was prime minister.

“Interestingly, there was a young woman police officer from the Northern Territory Police who had actually taken it on herself, just using an Excel spreadsheet, to start to integrate this kind of data,” he said.

Scott Crouch, a co-founder of Mark43, said the thorough and accessible logging of incidents would also help deal with the well-publicised “trust gap” between communities and police over race relations.

“99.999% of the time a police officer interacts with community members, it’s a really positive interaction. At the same time we want to make sure we have all the data in our system that can still provide great accountability and transparency for every type of incident,” he said.

Mrs Turnbull said there were exceptions but police generally did a good job and were a “genuine force for good” in their communities.

NSW Police announced a partnership with Mark43 earlier this year.

NSW Police announced a partnership with Mark43 earlier this year. Credit:Edwina Pickles

NSW Police recently announced it would roll out its Integrated Policing Operating System (IPOS) with Mark43 as a replacement for the ageing systems overseeing triple zero calls, arrests and charges, investigations and forensics.

Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon said teaching younger officers how to use some current police systems was like “regression training” and better technology would improve the force’s capacity.

The contract with NSW Police, the third largest police force in the English-speaking world with over 17,500 sworn officers, is part of Mark43’s international expansion. The company currently provides services to 120…