Mastodon saw huge growth, Facebook led social media charts in traffic: Cloudflare’s 2022 Report

Cloudflare, an American content delivery network and DDoS mitigation company has now shared its year-in-review of 2022, highlighting some of the major internet trends of 2022, including Google reaching the top spot, Instagram replacing Twitter in the social media category, and more.

According to the report, almost 5 billion people have used the internet in 2022. Cloudflare’s report consists of internet data from three different areas such as traffic, adaptation, and security. This report consists of data from January 2nd to November 26, 2022, and the company has said to update the same with the remaining data from 2022 by early 2023.

Internet traffic trends 2022

According to Cloudflare’s report, there is an increase in internet users by 23 per cent in 2022. According to the graph shared by the company, there has been a steady growth in the number of internet users since mid-January 2022. Similarly, there is also a sharp increase in the number of internet users since July.

Most popular internet services of 2022

1. Google

2. Facebook

3. Apple, TikTok (tie)

5. YouTube

6. Microsoft

7. Amazon Web Services

8. Instagram

9. Amazon

10. iCloud, Netflix, Twitter, Yahoo (tie)

Binance has been the go-to cryptocurrency service provider of 2022, similarly, Facebook has been the most popular social media platform of this year. The report also confirms that there has been an increase in bot traffic this year, and this also varies from country to country and 1/3rd of internet traffic comes from bots.

There have been several internet service outages this year, and the biggest outage of this year came from Canada, where, Roger Cables complete loss the traffic and it took over 24 hours to fully restore the network.

When it comes to the adoption of new internet technologies, people have embraced Starlink, a satellite-based wireless internet provider by Elon Musk. Mastodon, a microblogging platform has also seen a massive adaptation, especially after Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition. There has also been an increase in the adaption rate of IPv6 (internet protocol version 6).

Lastly, the report speaks about internet security, “90 per cent of mitigated traffic used the WAF or DDoS mitigation…