Microsoft Catches NOBELIUM’s Email Malware Plans, Also Known for its Part in SolarWinds’ Attack

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Microsoft catches NOBELIUM before they can even distribute a wide-scale email URL malware, which was intended for the US technological landscape, preventing another “SolarWinds” attack from happening. NOBELIUM is a known group that was linked with the recent hack of SolarWinds and is considered to be a massive threat by the security industry.


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Microsoft post-pandemic plans revealed

As most people say “Crisis averted,” and that was thanks to Microsoft’s diligent monitoring and research about the threat actors otherwise known as “NOBELIUM,” which have been observed lately. The group had been making its stealthy actions since January this year, carefully planning their attack, and striking when already completing all of its variables. 

Initially, SolarWinds’ malware attack last December was attributed to the Russians but has denied any connections or actions with regards to it. Good thing is that organizations like Microsoft were able to complete and connect the dots, and have discovered new names in the tech industry which are responsible for said malware. 

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Microsoft Catches NOBELIUM in the Act

NOBELIUM Malware Attack Discovered by Microsoft

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While SolarWinds is yet to fully recover from the attack, as it was projected it would take up to 18 months at the most, its threat actors are back to enact their reign of terror amongst others. According to Microsoft’s latest report, the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) has detected a new sophisticated approach in hacking into systems. 

Microsoft said that it has been getting into systems since early January 2021, and has been making its way into systems. Its recent attack had leveraged Constant Contract, a mass-mailing service, to distribute the said email malware URLs. 

The notorious NOBELIUM has been made, and it is good news for the tech industry as it has evaded a big one, especially with the way that the threat actors work. A lot of cases were attributed to them, with NOBELIUM’s hacking portfolio having a significant list of…