Microsoft introduces Azure Sentinel updates, a mobile security app, new certifications, and much more

Although the flagship launch at Microsoft Ignite, which wound up on Wednesday, was the flashy Microsoft Mesh, there were many security-focused product and feature announcements that should bring a smile to admins’ faces. Here’s a look at some of what’s here now and what’s coming.

Generally available

Passwordless authentication for cloud and hybrid environments. Azure AD lets users sign in with biometrics or a tap using Windows Hello for Business, the Microsoft Authenticator app, or a compatible FIDO2 security key from Microsoft Intelligent Security Association partners such as Yubico, Feitian, and AuthenTrend. With Temporary Access Pass, now in preview, you can generate a time-limited code to set up or recover a passwordless credential.

More than 30 new connectors for Azure Sentinel make it easier to collect data across all cloud environments, including Salesforce Service Cloud, VMware, and Cisco Umbrella. It also has new security orchestration response (SOAR) playbooks to create automation rules, block suspicious IP addresses in Azure Firewall, isolate endpoint devices with Microsoft Intune and update a user’s risk state with Azure Active Directory Identity Protection. There are also improvements in data ingestion and enhanced analytics.

Now in preview

Windows Server 2022, to be available this calendar year, will allow customers to run applications on Azure, on-premises, or at the edge. Along with its increased functionality, it will boast a couple of appealing security features. The key one is the Secured-core server, which uses hardware, firmware, and operating system capabilities. It includes Trusted Platform Module 2.0  (TPM 2.0) to provide hardware root-of-trust, firmware protection, and virtualization-based security. The Windows Admin Center security tool (also in preview) will report on the Secured-core features and enable them where applicable.


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Edge Secured-core will apply Secured-core security to IoT devices.

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