Mobile app creation: Why data privacy and compliance should be at the forefront

In today’s mobile app landscape, providing customers with the most tailored and personal experience possible is essential to edging out competitors. But creating such a custom-made experience requires collecting personal data – and when considering the criticism massive tech companies are garnering for their misuse of sensitive information – mobile app developers must prioritize data privacy and compliance.

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Furthermore, the consequences of data breaches – including financial losses, operational downtime and reputational damage – continue to grow in severity. Financial damages (as fines) are potentially heavy burdens. And while a damaged reputation cannot be measured exactly, the possibility of losing customers due to suboptimal data security could result in the company’s ruin.

A user’s personal data can be anything from their user name and email address to their telephone name and physical address. Less obvious forms of sensitive data include IP addresses, log data and any information gathered through cookies, as well as users’ biometric data.

Any business whose mobile app collects personal information from users is required to have a Privacy Policy. Regardless of app geography or business domain, there are mandatory regulations such as the GDPR, the CCPA, and the PDPA, as well as Apple, Google and Android guidelines that ensure accountability and user data privacy. Some apps do not directly collect personal data but instead use a third-party tool like Google Analytics – they, too, need a Privacy Policy.

Data privacy and security and the mobile app creation process

The mobile app creation process begins by identifying a problem and determining how to fill that need. App developers will then decide on the look, feel and design of the app, and will establish a continuous feedback loop for consistent consumer recommendations. Although this is a truncated look at an app’s development, data privacy and compliance must be strategically intertwined from the very beginning of the mobile app creation process, as it is central to its success and longevity.

This theme is our view of Continues Compliance that we believe is now a requirement for all…