More Windows 9 rumors: one-click upgrades, interactive tiles, notification center

Rumors about the next major version of Windows continue to trickle out in the run up to an anticipated public preview in September.

Neowin reports that internal builds of the operating system currently sport a one-click upgrade feature to update from one build to the next. While there’s no guarantee that such a feature will necessarily ship, it would be consistent with Microsoft’s move to more rapid releases and continuous improvement rather than infrequent major updates.

Currently, upgrading Windows is a major undertaking. During betas and previews, there’s often no good ability to move from one build to the next without performing a full reinstall. Even when moving between stable versions, upgrading can be failure-prone and time-consuming. While it’s possible that the upgrade capability will be limited to previews, it looks like a strong indication that Microsoft wants to make this process easier.

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