My computer has been hijacked by a fake security scam and it overrides mcafee security how do i get it off ?

system tool security has taken over my computer, it runs a scan automatically and wants to get your credit card number. it has somehow bypassed mcafee securitly i can’t open mcafee at all. don’t know where it came from can anyone help me or do i have to take my tower to a geek squad place thanks…

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  1. Michael V says:

    Restart your computer and immediately start clicking the F8 key. You should see a list – choose “safe mode with networking” . Windows safe mode will come up. Go online and download and install free version of Malwarebytes. Run a full scan. This should fix it.

  2. Flover In says:

    Best way for keeping your computer safe is reinstall window os and install some antivirus software to perform a full scan.

  3. Ahmed S says:

    I lost the battle last time I had it.

    I formatted and reinstalled everything. Anti-virus companies breeding viruses forcing people to buy their products.. disgusting!

  4. Ashley says:

    Try this automatic removal tool, this helped for me:
    Before that I went to safe mode with networking and then launched task manager to stop those randomly named processes running (like 946550101.exe) and others Uninstall.exe, SecurityTool.exe. I have read that these processes make this scam launched as soon as you reboot your computer.

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