My computer has security system/anti-virus ads popping up every 5 seconds. What do I do to get rid of it?

One of them is System Security, and asking me to buy the software becuase I have viruses on my computer. I already have Verizon Securtiy Suite and got rid of everything. Please help me, because this is getting annoying.

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  1. mike H says:

    could be the antivirus2009 spyware you have – download and run spybot search and destroy it should get rid of it

  2. morgi3 says:

    In order to successfully remove malware infections (viruses, spyware, adware etc) from your PC you need to follow a methodical approach as well as using effective (and free) tools. There’s a decent guide covering this that you can work through at My Slow PC ( – click on the “Troubleshooting” link. Here’s my advice from it:

    1.) Turn System Restore OFF so any infection that you remove is not restored.

    2.) Scan with a combination of the best detection utilities as you’ll find different scanners can sometimes pick up different infections. E.g.

    * McAfee Stinger – a free standalone Trojan virus scanner
    * SpyBot Search & Destroy – a spyware/adware scanner
    * Lavasoft Adaware – for spyware/adware

    Note – it might be a good idea to disconnect your network connection once you’ve updated them with the latest virus/spyware definitions. This is due to the fact that often an infection is trying to spread over your network.

    3.) If the above fails or you’re not sure if you’re still infected, when you start your PC tap the F8 key, select “Safe Mode” and repeat the scans once you’re connected.

    I hope the above helps, as mentioned the guide above is a lot more detailed and the My Slow PC site is pretty useful. Good luck!

  3. Index.html says:

    Try downloading and running a free adware/virus remover like:
    Avast [home edition is FREE] –

    It can scan and remove viruses and adware etc from your computer and it will silently run in the background thereafter and immediately alert you to any incoming viruses or suspicious files automatically LIVE as they come in emails or websites etc.

    It also automatically updates itself online every day.

    Download our new FREE toolbar at:

  4. Pcfaster says:

    For the pop up, you can block it manually under the steps.

    Press the Esc key one time. If this does not help, press Ctrl, Alt, and
    Delete keys all at the same time. If a programs screen appears, select end task and left click your mouse one time. If another screen appears select end task and left click your mouse one more time. Hopefully your mission is accomplished with this five second procedure.
    If step one worked for you, you’ll probably have to do it again each time you connect to the Internet, but only once per visit, until you go into your computer and delete this file that keeps popping up from your computer.
    If the above procedure is working for you, great. However, they may return again as invisible pop ups. When you’re computer appears to be stalling for longer than normal, try the above procedure again, to see if the same program screen reappears. (Invisible pop ups are done away with in the same manner).
    If the procedure mentioned above did not help, disconnect from the Internet. Press Start, then control panel, then Internet preferences.
    Delete cookies and search history.
    If the above attempts were not enough, delete the user name and use
    another one.
    If the above attempts were not enough yet, you should ran an anti-spyware software ,then clean your registry make it faster.
    Scan your Spyware/Adaware

    Scan your computer for viruses and spyware. Make sure and get rid of any nasty viruses or spyware that are located in your computer. [if you do not have one]

  5. Manuel says:

    in safe mode F8 run malwarebytes anti-malware and SUPERAntispyware,and what they find you
    delete it manually. then run ccleaner to clean your pc, and mvregclean, to clean registry.
    what mvregclean find you remove because the key is there but not the file ,folder or program.
    even you reformat and it finds anything remove dont be afraid.
    dont forget when you install this software to update them, and do an update every day
    then restore untill before you get infected.

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