My computer security has been compromise by another user on our network?

.- What can I do to protect my computer?

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  1. Dunbar Pappy says:

    Get and deploy a good firewall (yes, even behind a router).
    A good firewall is your very first line of defense, acting as a sentry for the ‘ports’ (openings to the Internet) that would otherwise be open to the ceaseless attempts to violate your computer.
    Windows firewall (standard issue with SP2) is better than nothing, but lacks outbound monitoring aspects.
    Zone Alarm is a favorite of many, it’s free, and doesn’t ‘nag’ too much after initial installation, but has been getting ‘bloated’ and recent reviews (some) have been downgrading it’s effectiveness evaluations.

    Kerio/Sunbelt Personal Firewall (free) is good entry level protection; paid version is excellent.

    Comodo is probably the better of all these, but is strictly for propeller heads, because it will constantly ‘nag’ about every registry change and internet incoming & outgoing request. And if you’re not very technically informed, these are difficult to understand, utterly meaningless… and = a pain in the keester.

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