My Computer Security Needs Updating and I need Help?

I have AVG 8.5 Free, Spybot S&D, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Windows Firewall, Firefox 3.5(which I use the most) and Internet Explorer 8. I’m Using Windows XP Professional Edition With all Microsoft Updates Except Windows Live Essentials and Windows Search 4.0. WHAT ELSE COULD I ADD TO HELP PROTECT MY COMPUTER FOR FREE?

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  1. michael s says:

    Windows live essentials you dont need and neither do you need Windows Search 4.0….it will make searching a bit faster but your also going to have to sacrifice more space on the hard drive…in the my opinion it would not be worth it………the only thing i see from the description above what your missing is a good anti-spy program…get Super anti-spyware from downloads….the program is free and i am sure you are aware of that……….other than that everything is fine except for Spybot S&D…just keep in mind that their virus database is not updated much and lacks the newest security risks..but i would keep it on there as a back up……….. Mike

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