my computer thinks i dont have any security software even though i do.?

i own vista and it is saying that i need to get software for security. my computer already has mcafee. anything i can do to make it know i have software?

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  1. hmmmmm says:

    you are probably infected with spyware or male ware you need to find one that will get rid of your problem. its usually Rogue anti viruses that do that to you. i wont recommend anything due to yahoos suspending of all my accounts because i found the best one out there so research it and get what you might think is good.

  2. Jervis F says:

    Maybe the version you got is not compatable with Vista, there are so many programs still not compatable with Vista. Try updating (maybe there is a later version of McAffee) it.

    Or re-installing McAffee if the first options doesn’t work.

    Might be a good idea to ask for support form McAffee. I had the same problem with my antivirus software and calling the security company helped me solve this problem.

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