my daughter has some how managed to get something called cyber security on her computer?

can anyone help ? and also why did the norton security not pick this up and get rid of it ? thank you to anyone who can help.

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  1. The Enlightener says:

    Max’s link is golden.

    Don’t install AVG though, it’s a waste of time and doesn’t help at all.

  2. MrZip says:

    are you running the norton or the norton 360?????have you updated it????the 360 is one of the best there is,but you may have to reload back to factory level,use the option ‘destory all files’,that should fix all your problems/////

  3. Dunbar Pappy says:

    How you got it:
    “Fake Infection Warnings Can Be Real Trouble”
    “Often, the inducement comes from a malicious Web site that uses JavaScript tricks to toss up a bunch of pop-ups… to create something that looks like a real antivirus scan…”
    PC World » Blogs » Security Alert:…
    (some call these “ransomeware” tactics:

    Malware may already be entrenched in your system.
    Disabling anti-malware is a sure sign.
    Try malwarebytes:…

    You’ll also have to re-name the file to anything.exe in order to run it.
    Go to Start> ‘c’ drive> programs> malwarebytes folder.
    In that folder find the ” mbam.exe ” file; rename it to ” begone.exe ” (but anything will do).

    System restore should also be turned off.
    Finding that depends on what OS version you have.
    Win7 is: Right click “Computer”> Properties> System protection tab> Configure button> turn off system protection> OK out.
    Other OS’s are similar.

    Then run ” begone.exe ”

    Post-cleaning prevention:
    Because of inherent architecture of the Internet (notably ‘Flash’ scripting) these vulnerabilities are readily exploited in Internet Explorer, and it is even more important that you use Firefox with ‘NoScript’ add-on, which will prevent “Click-jacking’, hidden “iFrame” exploits, and “Drive-by” installs.

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