My Internet security expired and is ok to buy the renewal or start all over?

Ya, I know- dumb, I have Norton Internet Security 2009

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  1. wimpy says:

    do not pay for them – Microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes / anti-malware – start – all programs for mse google to get malware .both free.

  2. Chris says:

    It Is Imperitive That You Remove Norton. It is Crap.

    Norton Removal Tool:

    If your Paying.. ESET Smart Security (Full-Package) Is The Best!

    If Your not paying try AVG OR Avira or MSSE Antivirus, Spybot Or Malware Bytes. & Windows Firewall Is Ok.

    Free Anti-Virus:



    Free Anti-Malware: Runs Along Side Anti-Virus for extra Protection.



    NOTE: Anti-Malware only Required if you use a free Antivirus, as they dont come with Full Protection.

  3. GameDay says:

    Hi Warren
    Norton is excellent – fast, efficient – much better than any free antivirus
    I don’t use it – I use ESET but Norton 2010 was the beginning of Norton once again becoming a very good program

    Its cheaper to find a sale and buy the new than it is to renew I have found researching this topic for others.

    hope this helps

  4. Bob A says:

    Yes, you can. It is ok if you missed the date but don’t delay more especially if you surf a lot. I get my renewal every year from Aystematics at a discount. I moved up to 360 this year because it was about hte same price for industry strength protection.

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