My Norton Internet Security Suite expires on 4-15-09. What is now the best Internet Security Suite to install?

I have a laptop running Windows XP for home use and IE8. When I research the internet, there are so many different opinions about the best internet security suite to install. What is the best for what I have and will Norton just uninstall after April 15th?

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  1. edman62595 says:

    In my opinion, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 would be an excellent choice to replace Norton.
    However, the security suite most people recommend would be BitDefender. My friend has it.. and sometimes brags about it..
    Other than that, you can renew Norton if you are satisfied with it.
    It’s your choice. All AV or Security Suites do the same thing; protect your computer.
    The answer below is true. Some of the free AVs out there are at SOME points better than Norton. Again.. it’s your choice.

  2. dfw2442 says:

    Uninstall Norton and stop wasting money.
    There are lots of free AV that do a better job than Norton and they are not huge resource hogs.
    PC Tools
    Norton will not uninstall itself. You will be lucky to get it off without downloading their Norton Removal Tool

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