My school uses [ Websense] computer security and it blocks everything, how can i get past it?

The school updated its security blocker and I can’t get to anything.

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  1. offline says:

    Google “Mask Surf” or “Hide My A ss” Using these softwares bypass any form of proxy security firewalls on domain networks. The administrators will not even understand what you do online as all your activities and traces will be encrypted.

  2. Psychic Computer Repair says:

    Buy a laptop and a mobile broadband device from someone like Verizon or Sprint. Surf the Internet all you want.

  3. Wendell says:

    Trying to get around the Internet filtering system to into banned web sites is a violation of school computer policy, you’ll get detentions, suspended from school or banned from using school computers when you get caught. Use school computers for school work and do your personal web surfing at home.

  4. David says:

    I come to this site to get a good laugh at you kids. Why am i laughing ? it is because you kids have not learned anything yet about schools and site blocking. You should be putting your effort’s toward learning school work not learning on how to get pass school internet site filters. BREAK THE RULE GET KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL.

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