National, state elections: U-M experts available

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A Microphone In Front Of A USA Flag. Image credit: iStockUniversity of Michigan faculty are poised to offer insights this week on candidates and issues impacting the historic 2020 elections in Michigan and nationwide. Their expertise covers many disciplines, such as politics, economics, and public policy.

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Michael Traugott, professor emeritus of communication studies and political science and research professor emeritus at the Center for Political Studies, is an authority on political communication, public opinion and media polling.

Contact: 734-763-4702, [email protected]

Vincent Hutchings, professor of political science and Afroamerican and African studies, is an expert on public opinion, elections, voting behavior and African American politics.

Contact: 734-764-6591, [email protected]

Ken Kollman is director of the Center for Political Studies and professor of political science. His research focuses on political parties and organizations, elections, lobbying, federal systems, American politics and comparative politics.

Contact: [email protected]

Josh Pasek, associate professor of communication and media and faculty associate at the Center for Political Studies, explores how new media and psychological processes shape public opinion and political attitudes and behaviors. He studies biases in the processing of political information, changing survey methods and how the use of online social networking sites are changing the political information environment.

Contact: 484-557-4594 (cell), [email protected]

Paul Resnick, professor of information and director of the Center for Social Media Responsibility, can discuss social media responsibility and “fake” news.

Contact: 734-647-9458, [email protected]


Tom Ivacko is associate director of the Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy, which conducts the Michigan Public Policy Survey.

Contact: 734-647-4163, [email protected]

Jonathan Hanson, lecturer in statistics for public policy, worked as a legislative assistant in Congress. He can discuss the presidential candidates’ strategies, as well as the Michigan Senate race.

Contact: 734-615-1496, [email protected]


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