Navigate your way to build a career in Computer Science

With the whole world becoming more dependent upon algorithms, codes and networks, Computer Science is a key area for future careers across the globe. From shopping to playing games or fitness, there is an app for pretty much everything that creatively resolves our everyday problems. All these systems are created by graduates in Computer Science.

Computer scientists utilise their understanding of programming and algorithms towards designing software, systems and networks to address the needs/ problems of people or clients. So if you have a knack for analytical and logical thinking, solving problems with agility by coming up with easily applicable solutions, a degree in Computer Science could be the initial step towards a rewarding and satisfying career.

One can start preparing for Computer Science while still studying in a high school. Keep your mathematical concepts strong and get fieldwork experience would work before applying to a college. Learning basic programming or coding or perhaps creating simple programmes would also be a good idea.

The right institution

Selecting the college is a big decision and largely serves as a foundation for your career in this field. Here are a few guidelines that can help:

Prepare a list of the best colleges in Computer Science within your country and overseas.

Put down your criteria and prioritise it: consider your options for a degree offered, location of the college, cost of the degree, any financial aid or scholarship offered, social life etc.

Check the innovative and contemporary teaching practices practised by the college. Experiential learning, boot camps, studio-project based learning, hackathons will empower your learning or help you get more global exposure

Look at the curriculum and check the courses that they will teach, elective subjects included

You may want to shortlist colleges that have a co-developed curriculum with industry leaders

Opt for colleges that offer ‘work-integrated learning’, where you can get excellent internship and placement opportunities

Consider the technical, life and transferable skills you want to acquire after completing your degree

Look at the reviews about the college: teachers as well as learning environment….