NCC uncovers cyber threats to Windows platforms, routers

The Nigerian Communications Commission, in a press statement released on Thursday, said its Computer Security Incidents Response Team had discovered “two new separate cyber threats targeting Windows Platforms and a particular kind of routers respectively.”

The statement, signed by the NCC Director of Public Affairs, Dr Ikechukwu Adinde, noted that “the discoveries were made known in two separate advisories released by the cyber-space protection team earlier this week.”

The statement read: “The first cyber threat is a ransomware known as ‘Lokilocker’, which is capable of wiping data from all version of Windows systems or platforms. It causes data loss, and denial of service (DoS), which reduces user’s productivity.

“‘Lokilocker’ is a relatively new ransomware that has been discovered by security researchers and belonging to the ransomware family. Lokilocker operates by encrypting user files and renders the compromised system useless if the victim does not pay the demanded ransom in time.

“To hide the malicious activity, the ransomware displays a fake window update screen, cancel specific processes and services, and completely disables the task manager, windows error reporting, machine firewall and windows defender of the compromised system.

“Sadly, it also has in-built processes that prevent data recovery as it deletes backup files, shadow copies, and removes system restore points. It also overwrites the user login note and modifies original equipment manufacturer (OEM) information in the registry of the compromised system.”

Suggesting possible protection against LokiLocker, the statement quoted the NCC CSIRT as saying: “To protect against infections by LokiLocker and similar ransomware, the best rule is to always have a backup copy of your data, which should be stored offline.”

CSIRT further stated that “all downloads and email attachments should be opened with caution, even if they are from trusted sites or senders. Users should also ensure that attachments are scanned with an up-to-date antimalware solution, before opening.”

According to the statement, the “second cyber threat discovered by the NCC CSIRT is a Botnet that targets the…