Network monitoring important as disruption is the new ‘normal’

JoAnn Hodgdon

The year 2020 has taught us that a business’ ability to respond will dictate their ability to survive. The work-from-anywhere model was embraced often before many companies and businesses rethought their network infrastructure and protecting it. What was once easy to manage behind your business network firewall has become complicated with many employees working remotely, often using their own devices. In prior columns, I have discussed Risk Assessment and Security issues. Now we will look at Network Monitoring.

Your network infrastructure is more important than ever with more data and applications moving to the Cloud. You want the right network infrastructure from your wiring, switches, firewalls and wireless in place to give you the best possible access to this data. Your users deserve the best possible access to your companies’ resources. But how can you ensure the best possible experience and manage this equipment while verifying that all your switches, firewalls and wireless access points are always available?  Like traffic jams on the highway during rush hour, you want to minimize congestion and optimize your performance with the right equipment and management of your network infrastructure. How do you avoid guessing what is wrong within the network?