New behavioral biometrics FIDO certification, developer tool, customer win revealed

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Zighra’s behavioral biometrics for decentralized continuous authentication have been certified by the FIDO Alliance, with the company claiming it is the first on-device behavioral biometrics solution confirmed to the FIDO standard.

The combination of AI, biometrics and behavioral analytics provides continuous protection against phishing and fraud in both conventional and zero-trust systems, the company says. The technology is available as a workforce app for secure logical access, and can help organizations comply with GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

“Now, with FIDO certification, Zighra adds tremendous value to meet the growing contactless-access needs of current and post-COVID work and lifestyles,” says Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra. “Our unique, patented solution provides powerful security controls to continuously protect enterprises and users, across devices, all with a seamless experience.”

The USPTO recently granted Zighra a patent for passwordless authentication with its behavioral biometrics.

Incognia launches free Developer Edition

Incognia has made its location-based behavioral biometrics available for free to mobile app developers to help them build its fraud prevention capabilities into fintech and mobile commerce apps.

The Developer Edition of Incognia’s technology provides rapid SDK integration of frictionless fraud prevention, according to the announcement, which works silently in the background to detect compromised devices. The new edition includes thousands of free API requests per month, and mobile apps with larger user bases can move to Incognia’s paid enterprise solution.

“Mobile adoption and contactless payments are fueling the growth of mobile apps that process payments and need fraud detection. Along with growth in mobile app usage is growing demand for frictionless mobile experiences that are also secure. We’re excited to launch our developer offering to allow mobile app developers access to frictionless identity verification and authentication features for mobile users,” comments André Ferraz, founder and CEO of Incognia. “With the free Incognia Developer Edition, companies of any size will be able to…