New computer, what security packages do I need?

I just bought a new computer and I wanted to know what software I should purchase? I do NOT want to buy any free programs, I had avast and spydoctor on my last computer and it became riddled with viruses. I am looking at Norton but I”m not sure if I need to install both Norton Anti virus and Norton 360, or do I need Norton 360 AND Internet security, or some combination of those??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Insane_mad_maniak says:

    If you dont want a free antivirus, dont go for Norton, it’s terrible.

    Nod32 is probably the best.

    and remember, no antivirus program can find every virus, not even ones you pay for. you will also need a spyware program, and not really needed, but if you really think you need one a firewall. the only spyware programs i can reccomend are Spyware doctor (free with google pack) or spybot search and destroy. not sure on any firewalls, none seemed to work with Vista, and the ones that did were terrible to navigate around.

  2. Sexy Scottish Kool Aid Man says:

    Stay away from Norton , it hogs your PC resources

    btw how can you BUY FREE programs????

    If you want to buy a good anti virus then think Kaspersky

  3. Webman™ says:

    I know what you mean, I feel safer with paid security, because I feel a lot safer with live protection.

    For maximum protection, you should get a complete security suite. A good security suite should at least include anti-spyware, anti-virus, and a firewall.

    I read that Norton takes up a lot of system resources, but then again Norton isn’t the only security program out there.

    If you want maximum PC protection, I’d go with Kaspersky. I recently bought their 2010 security suite. Check them out at

    Note: If you buy the security suite, you don’t need anything else.

  4. Chad says:

    It’s probably a good Idea to not Download porn or go to Websites that have Content like this.. I think people forget you have to “let” a virus into your computer. It just doesn’t infect at random.. you have to litterally download it and let it do whatever it wants.

    Been building computers for 11 years.
    I’ve had 2 viruses and no spyware on my computer
    and I don’t use an Antivirus program. or security Software…
    I also don’t go to porn sites or randomly download stuff from limewire or torrents etc….
    I don’t open attachments in my Emails at random.
    Only 2 times ive had a Virus where when some one else was on my computer.

    If you think you have a Virus you can always run a freescan from (housecall)
    If not,
    your doing worse to your computer By bogging it down with Live protection software thats constantly working in the background. Eating up resources….

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