Norton internet security or avira free with comodo firewall?

Im just wondering if i should keep my norton internet security 2009, or uninstall it and install avira free with comodo firewall. I also have maleware bytes and super anti spyware. Could you please tell me which security is better?

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  1. iMp says:

    dont u know about Bitdefender 2009..its pretty good n cheap too than norton..but btw norton n avira..i think u should keep your norton

  2. cbh_chess says:

    If its not broken, dont mess with it
    Norton IS 09 isnt as bad as one thinks, their 360 is a bit wonky though. But for whatever reason that you’re unhappy with norton, then avira and comodo is definitely a good alternative (thats the same combo i use for my old laptop).

  3. Pups says:

    For your Anti-Virus……(Always use only 1 A-V)

    For your anti-virus needs, I would suggest Avira AntiVir® PersonalEdition Classic. It has excellent heuristics, a virus detection rate that is better than many of “paid-for” anti-virus programs and is light on using your computer’s resources. And did I mention that it’s free!

    Download here:

  4. jcurrieii says:

    Keep the NIS…or better yet…pay to upgrade to 360 3.0 (it’s only something like $20) Get rid of the other stuff. Never “double-up” on Security programs. They tend to fight one anouther, and let-through items that either would have otherwise caught.

    Symantec produces one of the best suites on the market.

    A friend of mine is an old-school hacker and system builder. He loves 360. He’s never had any issues with it … and he and his hacker buddies try to crash each other’s systems / inject viruses / etc.

    Good Luck!

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